Survey-online.com is offered as an ASP service. Access this powerful online survey tool via the internet to manage the entire survey process yourself. Create, implement and administer surveys of any type, view results in real-time, and set viewing rights to determine who sees what. Don't rely on hunches - get the facts, and make better decisions!

A Subscription Service

Access to this service is via an annual subscription and a usage charge based on actual usage and invoiced monthly. Choose the most appropriate mix of subscription and usage rate according to your projected volume of survey activity.


Use survey-online.com to generate an almost limitless range of possible survey instruments, including employee satisfaction/climate surveys, culture surveys, 360-degree feedback, training needs analysis, exit interviews, customer surveys (internal and external), and so on.

Multiple Surveys

Initiate surveys of any kind, whenever you like, with whomever you like. Have as many as you like running at any time (e.g. an employee opinion survey running consecutively with 360-degree feedback).

Manage the Process Yourself

As a Survey Administrator, you control the survey process - decide the type of survey, the content of the survey, the target population, and the launch/close-off timing. Then view the reports you want, when you want them, and determine appropriate access/viewing rights for others.

Questionnaire Design

Design your own, or use draw from an extensive library of categories/questions, including 'flagged' questions that will allow external benchmarking, or customise the questionnaire to meet your own specific needs. Select the rating scale most appropriate to the question type, and insert textual comments sections. Establish your own demographic groupings to enable subsequent 'drill-down' of your data.

Instant Results/Powerful Reporting

See the results of your survey in real-time! From the moment the first respondent submits his/her response to your survey, you can see the results taking shape. A comprehensive suite of reports is available which can be analysed at 'total organisation' level or by any of the demographic groupings you have included. For example, 'Team A' is able to compare its results against the aggregated results of 'Department A', as well as against 'Business Unit A' and 'Total Organisation'. View trends from earlier surveys (at Total Organisation or demographic level), analyse textual comments, and benchmark your results as required (see below). Print the reports you require, save to file, or cut-and-paste to other applications (MS Word, MS Powerpoint, etc).

Set Viewing Rights

You can decide who will have online viewing rights, what parts of the survey these users can access, and the timing of such access.

Internal and External Benchmarking

How does the performance of respective operating regions, business units, or occupational groupings compare over time? Establish internal business-unit benchmark comparisons between units within the same country and/or off-shore, and track these over time.

How do your results compare to other organisations in our database? Conduct real-time external benchmarking against the total database (comprising hundreds of organisations), against a specific sector (e.g. financial services sector), or against a group of organisations of your choice.

Higher Level Analysis

Want to know what really drives employee satisfaction? Want to know how this impacts customer satisfaction? Want to know where to focus your efforts to achieve the biggest gains in both? Where more rigorous analysis of the data is required, we can help.

World-wide Access

As the system is internet based, access from anywhere in the world is possible.

Multi-Language Capability

The application is currently being used by clients internationally where surveys need to be constructed in more than one language. Both survey questionnaire and reporting presentations can be set up for multi-language options.


No purchase, installation, maintenance, or updating of survey software or statistical packages. All you need is a PC with a browser and an internet connection. Run your survey either via the internet, or across you own intranet, LAN or WAN where not all respondents have internet access. Or you can collect data via hardcopy questionnaires, using the 'quick entry' facility included in the application to quickly and efficiently enter this data. Whatever approach you adopt, you are able to focus on what really matters - what you are measuring and the results of this measurement.


The survey-online.com web site has been constructed to incorporate a good commercial standard of security. Our servers are located in a secure computing environment with access control and fire protection warning systems. All data backups are secured. Online access to the survey-online.com servers is protected by a secure firewall. In addition, all survey-online.com servers on the internal network use non-routable addresses protected by Network Address Translation. Data is held on a physically separate SQL server, not the web server. All SQL data requests originating from the Survey-online.com web server are made within the context of a domain authenticated Active Server Page, which additionally authenticates the user against the SQL access control panel prior to each request. This ensures that one user cannot access information supplied by another. 128-bit SSL encryption is used for our SSL security, and this is applied to all site authentications and personal data transfers carried out on the site.

Full Support

Although the system enables our clients/subscribers to take full control of the process, full support throughout the process is available if require. This can include strategic HR support (establishing survey objectives and integration with other business and HR strategies), questionnaire design and development, communications strategies pre- and post-survey, facilitation of review and follow-up process.